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            ABOUT US

            Founded in 2010, SUCKER UP specializes in septic cleaning services and portable toilet rentals; accommodated with service and maintenance. We have a leading edge on service in the industry and pride ourselves with a “word of mouth” style of growth. Each division excels with the knowledge and drive of our team at SUCKER UP. Quality around our execution is what keeps our customers satisfied. 

            We confidently offer fast quality service to the sturgeon county area however we have no limits on customer service.

            Please CONTACT US for any service needs surrounding Edmonton, AB and area.

            Thank you for visiting and please check back for more services and offerings coming soon.
            Serving Sturgeon County & Area

            Driven by success, SUCKER UP will arrive on location ready to get the job done. With reliable equipment and dedicated staff our quality of service will leave you satisfied.

            Specializing in septic tank cleaning with the use of a vacuum truck. Experience with holding tanks, septic tanks, sumps, car washes, and pits.

            Accommodated pricing to keep clients enthused to make the call and great service to see you again for your next cleaning.

            Delivered to site and serviced to your needs our portable toilets are ready for your demand. Offering services for construction sites, special events, parks (from small towns to city needs), private events, and special business requests.

            We pride ourselves on cleanliness and sanitation up keep, our toilets come stocked with sanitizer and required amount of paper needs until next service date.

            Competitive rental rates for the industry, most of our clients rent monthly and are on a weekly service schedule; weekend rentals available as well.
            SHANE ANTONIUK
            Sturgeon County map of our most popular service history below.
            Currently offering rentals in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Sturgeon County, Parkland County, Strathcona County, Leduc County.
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